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Proofreading, Writing, Editing Services Available on Retainer

Our Personal, Professional Editing Services Will Keep You Coming Back

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Whether we’re providing writing, proofreading, or editing services, or just making a connection, we love to forge ongoing relationships with our clients. At Precise Proofing, we take the time to not only speak with every client about their project, but also to learn about our clients’ short-term and long-term plans, need, and goals.

Our new customers have often become repeat customers because we deliver professionally edited documents on time, the first time. We take the time to get to know our clients, and we hope they get to know us too.

If you have an ongoing need for proofreading, writing, or editing services, let’s talk about it. For a convenient monthly fee, we are on hand and ready to serve you when you need us!

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Isn't proofreading/editing expensive?
We price most documents by dividing the word count by 280 (words per page). This allows for the most consistent and fair pricing all around. You can have a single page of ad copy, text, etc. proofread for only $5/page! Keep in mind our minimum project fee is $25, so if you have something small you may want to give us a few documents at once. More importantly, the cost of getting your message right far outweighs the cost of getting it wrong. Imagine--paying for printing, mailing, etc. only to find out that a single misplaced punctuation mark completely changed the intent of your message! Or an embarrassing spelling error wasn't caught and makes it to your entire client list! Will your clients be hesitant to trust you with their work, time, money--their business--in the future? That's why we specialize in getting your message right the first time. We look good by making you look good.