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Affect vs. Effect: A Grammar Goodie for You

A Guide to Using Affect & Effect Perhaps no two words in the English language cause more grammar strife than the use of affect and effect. Here is a hands down, trouble-free guide to the use and misuse of these words. Affect Affect is almost always used as a verb, and more specifically as a…

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How to Make Your Content Pop

Creating Great Content for Your Blog or Business by Dawn-Reneé Rice   Have you ever visited a web page filled with boring, blocky content? Or checked out someone’s blog only to find it was one HUGE paragraph with line after line of text—no pictures or formatting? Are you struggling to write blog posts or web…

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A-Z Writing Tips for Aspiring & Published Authors – 3rd Edition

26 More Great Writing Tips You Can Use Today!   Act out a fight scene or an argument. Does it still work? Be observant of the world around you. Create a main character that you reader will care about from the first page—even the first line. Does what you’ve written make you laugh or cry?…

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Content: 4 Reasons Why Employees Should Never Write/Edit

Content is Best Left to a Professional Writer or Editor   1. Your secretary doesn’t have editorial, copywriting, or journalism experience. Chances are you hired your secretary to perform general secretarial or other job-appropriate duties. Same goes for your assistant, human relations manager, customer service representative, etc. If writing web/advertising content isn’t part of their…

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When the Right Words Don’t Come Easy…

Proofreading: Why Everybody Needs It When your word needs to stand… When your words are tools to success or failure… When you need to say it with meaning… When you have one chance to impress or impact… Here’s how Precise Proofing helps you…

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39 Best Grammar Tweets

Here are 39 of our best grammar quick tips…   1.  Avoid ending sentences with a preposition (of, with, for, etc.) as long as the flow is natural. If not, then go ahead…it’s OK. 2.  Place adverbs next to the verb whenever possible. (Turn on the television. Not: Turn the television on.)  3.  Use a…

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Setting Up Your Supercharged Twitter Account

2nd in a Series of Twitter Articles Ready to get your feet wet and start tweeting? It has always been FREE to set up and use a Twitter account. All you need is an email address. So why not start today? Here’s everything you need to know about setting up your own supercharged Twitter account.…

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