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At Precise Proofing, we get asked a lot of questions about proofreading and editing. So I thought I’d take the time to answer in more detail.

Proofreading includes checking for correct spelling, proper grammar, capitalization, diction, punctuation, syntax, and misused words. We also conduct a basic document/manuscript overview to check for proper document formatting and for widows and orphans (words left on a line by themselves or single lines from a paragraph left at the top or bottom of a page).

While proofreading we also check for subject/verb agreement, extra spaces between words or sentences, unnecessary punctuation, and proper use of acronyms, abbreviations, and quotations. We delineate between proper use of an en dash vs. an em dash, as well as compound words, hyphenated words, and open compound words. If you have a table of contents, we’ll confirm that headings and page numbers match your content.

During proofreading, we’ll perform a visual check of your document to ensure text and art alignment (all headings, subheadings, body text, etc.), text flow, as well as font and style consistency. We’ll also verify that any art matches your text and captions and that any tables or figures are formatted properly.

During the editing process, we complete all of the above proofreading tasks, plus we’ll dig even deeper into your document for completeness and spot check facts for accuracy. We’ll provide suggestions to further improve your document (e.g., word choice, sentence structure, and overall document flow) and even rewrite limited portions of text as necessary.

In essence, proofreading removes any egregious and potentially embarrassing or offensive errors from your document, while the editing process further strengthens your document for the utmost professional presentation.

Is there a question we haven’t answered? Post a comment; we’ll be glad to help.
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