Contest: Guess the Merchant & Win!

Want to win $100 in FREE editing/writing services?

Here’s your challenge…guess the merchant displaying these signs and win $50 in FREE editing or writing services. Then identify all of the mistakes and win an additional $50 in FREE services. Are you up for the challenge? Ready, set, go!

(Prize money not applicable toward any previous purchase. The first participant to correctly identify the merchant will receive $50 in editing or writing services. The first participant to identify all of the mistakes in the three (3) signs will win $50 in editing or writing services. Prize money may be split between 2 participants if the first individual winner doesn’t fulfill all requirements.)





3 Responses to Contest: Guess the Merchant & Win!

  1. Larry Green says:

    Locally Grown: Walmart

    Our Trucking Fleet: Walmart

    More Efficient Buildings: Walmart

  2. Larry Green says:

    We’re committed to purchasing locally grown produce whenever possible,” said Pam Kohn, Walmart’s senior vice president…


    “We also have a goal to double the efficiency of our U.S. trucking fleet. Since 2005, we have increased efficiency by 69 percent.- Walmart’S Sustainability Director,
    Kory Lundberg” -Walmart

    “In 2005, we committed to develop a store prototype that’s 25% – 30% more energy efficient by 2009.”
    “Cutting our energy use through innovation” -Walmart

  3. Precise Proofing says:

    Congratulations, Larry Green! You’ve identified the national retailer posting these signs. It is, indeed, Walmart. You’ve won $50 in free editing or writing services. You can win an additional $50 in services if you can identify all of the grammatical errors in the three signs. Thanks so much for playing, and watch for future contests at Precise Proofing. Please use our Contact Us page to use your $50 credit and submit any work to us.

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