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Are You a Quote-aholic?

by Ivy Rutledge Quotes and quotations are hot right now, as evidenced by the success of Cheryl Strayed’s new book of quotations, Brave Enough. In the introduction, Strayed says “I think of quotes as mini-instruction manuals for the soul … I believe in the power of words to help us reset our intentions, clarify our…

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43 Hot Grammar Tips of 2013

Check out these Hot Grammar Tips 1. Awhile=adverb: She stopped there awhile. A while=noun phrase that follows for: He thought for a while before answering. 2. Nouns can sometimes function as an adjective when modifying another noun (e.g., bank receipt, bus trip, town meeting). 3.  Already vs. All ready: Already refers to time. (The play…

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Teacher at Blackboard

10 More Commonly Confused Words

You can sound great by tackling these commonly confused word pairs   Assault/Battery Although often interchanged in common speech, these two terms have different connotations in legal context. Assault refers to a threat in which a person reasonably fears physical violence. Battery involves violent and unwanted physical contact by another person. Assault occurs without any…

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Spelling & Grammar: Kids Still Need to Learn

Why Spelling & Grammar Will Always Be Essential Spelling and grammar are usually not hot topics. But there’s been a lot of controversy  surrounding the recent statement by Sugata Mitra, a Newcastle University (England) professor of educational technology. Mitra announced earlier this week that traditional language rules have become “unfashionable” because electronic devices are now…

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Precise Proofing Writing at Cafe

Desperate for Some Writing Time?

Here’s how you can take advantage of every writing opportunity… Great Places for Writing At the doctor’s office. Instead of reading a magazine, grab your pen and paper (or electronic device) and start writing away. Make a promise to pick up where you left off when your day quiets down. On public transportation. Bus, taxi,…

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Sharpened Color Pencils

Staying Sharp: 8 Tips for Writers & Editors

How Staying Sharp Keeps You Competitive Staying sharp is important—not just for our clients but also for ourselves. Keeping your mind active maintains the connections in your brain and keeps the pathways of learning open like a busy highway. When we stop utilizing those connectors, they become somewhat like dusty, dirt roads. The intersections stop…

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Self-Publishing Stack of Books

Print on Demand & Other Book Publishing Animals

How Print on Demand Transforms Book Publishing  by Chris Fayers What is Print on Demand? Print on demand (POD). “What is that?” you may ask. Maybe you already know, or perhaps I am preaching to the converted. Print on demand means that you, me, or anyone else can order a single printed copy of any…

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