1st in a Series of Twitter Articles


Maybe you’re on the fence about opening a Twitter account, or you’ve taken that first step, but don’t know how to move forward. THIS ARTICLE IS FOR YOU!

4 BIG Reasons to Start Tweeting

  1. 1. You’ll find the latest stories, ideas, opinions, and news about your industry at your fingertips. Twitter is an information network used all around the world. It provides FREE access to the voices and information that surround your industry every day.


  1. 2. Twitter connects you with businesses and customers in real time. You’ll have easy access to a different audience/customer base. You can build relationships with fellow thought leaders as well as potential customers—even before they buy. In turn, you’ll quickly build a following, making you an expert in your field.
  2. 3. Twitter offers businesses and individuals an easy way to reach an engaged audience. By using Twitter, you can quickly share information with people interested in your product or service, gather real-time marketing intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners, and influencers.4. If you don’t throw your hat into the ring, someone else will be getting the business. Who’s out there on Twitter? There are a lot of people ready to listen and engage with a thought leader: businesses, other industry professionals, ‘teachers,’ and consumers. And once you start building relationships, they’ll be ready to start spending money with you, too.


So, how do you get started? Simply find the voices/leaders you find most compelling and follow—or join in—the conversation to retrieve up-to-the-second information. Before you know it, tweeters will be following  you back.


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