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Prep Your Books & Bookshelves for Summer

by Ivy Rutledge The arrival of spring and summer has traditionally been a time to prepare the home for a new season or year. While it’s easy to overlook your books and bookshelves during this process, consider giving your library some extra love. Here are five steps toward a cleaner, more organized collection.…

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Business Promotion: Tap the Potential of Today’s Publishing Landscape

by Ivy Rutledge   We all know that the publishing landscape has changed drastically over the last few decades. Have you considered the ways these changes can work for your business promotion?   The revolution in the publishing world means that anyone can publish. Business owners can tap into this zeitgeist and create an additional…

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Are You a Quote-aholic?

by Ivy Rutledge Quotes and quotations are hot right now, as evidenced by the success of Cheryl Strayed’s new book of quotations, Brave Enough. In the introduction, Strayed says “I think of quotes as mini-instruction manuals for the soul … I believe in the power of words to help us reset our intentions, clarify our…

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5 Signs That You Need an Academic Editor

by Ivy Rutledge Oftentimes, we find that students seek the assistance of an academic editor merely days before deadline. Typically, they’re finishing papers at the last minute, not leaving any time for a professional review, and handing those papers to their professors in less than stellar condition.   Here are some signs to consider that…

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The Rise of Coworking Spaces

By far, though, the most valuable benefit to a coworking space is the hive mind. When professionals from multiple fields gather, even in the most informal socializing, the resulting cross-pollination impacts everyone.…

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8 Graduate Student Research Tools

For graduate students in nearly every field, research is a fact of life. Keeping your graduate student research organized and moving forward can be a challenge, but there are a myriad of good apps that can help. Here is a list of free graduate student research tools that can lighten the load: LIST YOUR RESEARCH…

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Professional Communication in a Multi-Generational Workplace

STRETCH YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS by Ivy Rutledge Right now in the United States, three generations are coexisting and collaborating in the workplace. Sure, there has always been a generation gap, but today the differences are more stark. Technology is changing quickly and shifting the way people work and communicate, and it’s more important than ever…

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